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3 Features that seduce men

Many women think that to conquer a man they must possess great beauty, a spectacular body and the ability to say yes to all that he asks for. But in reality a man wants a woman totally different with which he can feel happy, proud, and there is a part of challenge for him. In this article we share with you three characteristics that appeal to men and why it should work.

A woman who has mental clarity and knows what she wants.

A woman who likes is the one who knows what his interests, which grounded and is totally clear about what she wants in life. She does not depend on others to be happy, she knows what she wants, and goes straight to the point. Men love deciding women, although they love protecting their partner, they also feel proud to have a woman who does not 100% depend on them to be successful.

She feels safe and confident and knows how to be respected.

A woman who seduces a man and makes him crazy is the one that gives no importance to not having the bodies of girls on television, she feels safe and confident and does not spend her life comparing and feeling Lower than the others. She knows what she is worth and does not compare, she knows that her man is there because he found in her what he was looking for and does not waste time thinking about nonsense. In addition, she is respected, she knows how to give her place and respects her time and space, in the same way that she requires her partner to do the same.

She feels beautiful and a few extra pounds do not make her sick.

A woman who makes crazy to any man is the one that feels good in all directions , without mattering if it has a few extra kilos or not, she knows she is beautiful inside and out and This sensation is reflected in each of his gestures. Her man values ‚Äč‚Äčthis safety, so every effort she makes to see and feel better is something that can generate in her man a feeling of being with the most beautiful woman on the planet, because even if she Is not on the front page of a magazine, he has the impression of having won the lottery for the simple fact of being at his side.

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