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8 common mistakes when kissing someone

Good kisses are always pleasant experiences that are always remembered. A bad kiss has the opposite effect: you will forget it quickly and it can even end a flirtation or your attempt at seduction. In this article, we will present 8 common mistakes kisses committed by some people. So pay attention to your technique and try to avoid them at all costs the next time you are with the boy or girl you covet.

Instructions :

1  Think about it, do you kiss it well?

Although it may be difficult for a first kiss, if you think about how you do the kiss, it can disrupt you, de concentrate and affect your technique. The kisses are made to give pleasure: we advise you to relax and to be carried away. Spontaneity will be your best weapon when you kiss your partner.

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2   Lips in poor condition or bad breath

Here are the most unpleasant ways of embracing someone. Nobody likes the lips too dry or rough, or bad smelly breath during a kiss. Make sure your lips are well moisturized and soft and, above all, never neglect your oral hygiene.

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3   Too many languages

Kissing with the tongue always allows you to have a passionate and exciting kiss, as long as you do not overdo it either. You can play with your tongue in your mouth by alternating movements and your rhythm, but you do not need to stuff your tongue up to your partner’s palate. Kissing in this way is very unpleasant and can ruin your romantic kiss and your appointment in just a few seconds.

Otherwise, you can make another mistake and do not use your language at all, which could make your kiss monotonous and deeply boring.

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4   A kiss too wet

There is inevitably an exchange of saliva when you kiss someone, but do not overdo it either, because there is nothing worse than saliva dross and too much saliva in the mouth of your partner. Avoid exaggeration and you will surely kisses certainly a little moist, but also very exciting.

5   A shock between the teeth

It may all happen to us to have a shock with our partner’s teeth during a kiss, but it can also create an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation. Therefore, avoid these shocks by using only your lips.

In the same way it is important that you tilt your head lightly to the side to avoid unnecessary shocks with your nose which can be a kill-love.


6   Be stiff as a picket

When you embrace, there is not what you do with the mouth that counts, as this can get very boring. Interact with your partner, avoid being too stiff and try to alternate caresses and kisses, hugs, kisses in the neck, catch your partner by the belt, run your hands through his hair, chest, etc. All this will make the difference, so you will feel much more connected with your partner and your feelings will be released.

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7   Go too fast

Everything in its time! There are kisses and kisses, and in some situations you can not kiss your partner completely. The kisses are much better if you have a perfect rhythm, that is to say, starting slowly, being soft, tender and gradually increasing the speed and intensity as you go, Excitement and passion invades you.

8   Kiss with open eyes

Kisses are made to be felt, we recommend you close your eyes and try to make the most of this special moment. In addition, if you often do this with your partner, it may lead you to think that you are experiencing less desire when you embrace it and this can create a tricky situation that you can easily avoid.

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By following these tips, you no longer have any excuse to give good kisses.




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