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How to kiss passionately

You want to give full of passion kisses ? Keep reading, because if what you want is to express all the lust that you feel with kisses, you will have to do your part. There are many types of kisses, but when it comes to giving one to the person who attracts you, everything changes. You want to impress her with an affection full of intensity and passion, therefore, we reveal how passionately kiss with some simple tips to help you give kisses lectures.

Tips For Passionate Kissing

1.  To give a big kiss, even if it seems very obvious, you must ensure that your breath is clean . Poor oral hygiene can spoil any passionate moment, so try to always have clean teeth and a fresh breath.

Once you have examined your oral hygiene, you must approach this person with a lot of confidence. If that person notice your decision and your confidence , it will feel very attracted to you. Start with a simple and gentle kiss on the cheek as she turns her head and, slowly, move closer to her lips.

2.     During a kiss, the environment is also important, so if you want it to be passionate, you must create an environment that excite and incite passion, if possible, with zero distractions. Once you are alone in a place that you like and where you feel good, lean and tilt your head to begin the final approach to his lips. You can repeat this movement several times, as a foretaste of things to come, approach your mouth and move away without touching it. It is a way to provoke and make you desire.


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3.    Start kissing her lips slowly and gently . Do not immediately introduce your tongue into her mouth, playing with the entire surface of her mouth, but kiss the corners of her lips, caress them with your mouth and from time to time pull out the tongues to touch them. .

At that time, you must have fun kissing his lips and changing pace from time to time. Let each movement last a few seconds, remove your mouth from his, but not too far, and try to open your eyes at that time to increase the intensity of the moment.


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4.    Embrace it again and it is so important to keep your lips slightly parted . If you see that the other person does the same thing, you can vary the opening when kissing. Explore her lips, stroke the tip of her tongue and do it gently.

You can try the kiss with the language as and as the kiss progresses and the passion rises. Enter the language in his mouth and let it dance to the rhythm it imposes. While embracing, you can be a bit aggressive from a sensual point of view: try to bite his bottom lip and let your teeth rub his mouth, all smoothly and without losing sight that it is to feel Pleasure, not pain.

5.    And remember that for a perfect passionate kiss, you must make use of your arms. They must always be occupied, caress her back, her waist, her neck … Let yourself go and draw this person against your body.
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