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How To Make Love In Public Places

Of course it is more usual and more comfortable to have sex in the privacy of our home or a room, however, make love in public places is not only a common fantasy for many people but also A very fun and exciting practice. But to enjoy these moments and ensure your safety., it should follow some recommendations.

Tips To Make Love In Public Places

1 Although making love in public places can be truly exciting, it is important to know that there can be consequences if you are discovered. Depending on the location, you may end up at the police station, be photographed or even filmed by a stranger. Therefore, discretion is important and guarantees the fun without having to face unpleasant complications.


What makes it so exciting the act of making love in a public place like the changing room of a shop, the toilets of a bar or the parking lot of a shopping center, it’s an opportunity to be discovered although none of you want to do that really happens. This is why these sexual relations must be very direct. There is no place for preliminaries when you make love in a public place. The excitement must come from the emotion of the moment and from the “illegality” of the thing.

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Best to choose positions for small spaces that do not require too much movement . Being half-naked, without undressing completely, is also a timely recommendation when it comes to sex in a public place. The report must be explosive but brief.

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Discretion also involves controlling your cries, moans and breathing. Avoid making noises that can attract the attention of others unless you chose a public place that allows you to express yourself more freely, for example the bathroom of a bar.

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Attention to hygiene . If you decide to make love in public toilets for example, it is important to pay attention to the surfaces on which you rely and clean everything when you are finished. The same applies to places like fitting rooms, cinema, etc.

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The fact that there are no preliminaries or that you can not take all your time does not mean that the pleasure is less.

Also we must not forget the excitement that produces the ban and the pleasure that comes from making love in a place where we should not. So put these tips into practice and make the most of this unforgettable experience with your partner.


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