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How To Make Wet Kisses The Part of Love

The wet kisses are those hot kisses that give mouth open and which are accompanied by a great sex and erotic charge. Yet, even if they are the perfect antechamber for a very ardent intimate encounter, they can become the opposite and ruin this moment.

Here are some facts about the wet kisses with images

  1. Some recent studies have shown that when men kiss women with wet kisses they manage to stimulate sexual desire and increase their excitement. This is due to the fact that male saliva contains testosterone, which works as a perfect aphrodisiac and therefore the greater the amount of testosterone is, the greater the excitement.

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2. Although wet kisses are very passionate ideals and to increase the excitement and cravings increase in intimate encounters, you must control your saliva. Unlike moist kisses, those who are very wet can end up ruining the moment and not being well received by the other.

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3. Before giving a moist kiss, it is important to beautify your lips . Avoid having dry lips, as small peels did not pleasant, so consider the moisten lightly with your tongue to initiate the kiss. In the same way, a good breath is the key for this moment to be pleasant.

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4. Wet kisses should be warm and wet but not too saliva. It is best to keep a small distance, open mouth with his natural right measure, and begin a gentle kiss in order to speed up the pace after. When the excitement of both partners increases, make your kisses more passionate , play with your languages in your mouths and small alternates licking and biting erotic lips.

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5. Limit wet kisses on the mouth is a great mistake, and this type of kiss is perfect for stimulating the couple during the preliminaries . Remember to browse the body of your partner kisses by combining them fondling her main erogenous zones.

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