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The odors that excite most men

Do you think men are only excited by the sight and touch ? Well, let’s explain the importance of smell in male sexual attraction. Odors have a key role in sexual desire and men are not immune to certain aromas, the good news is that many natural fragrances stimulate men’s libido. Do you want to know which ones?

1.  Some odors are very stimulating for men. The blend of lavender and pumpkin is very suggestive, and is associated with sensuality and invites to desire. Scientific research has shown that it increases the blood flow to the penis, so if you want to make your partner crazy with pleasure, light candles with these two perfumes at home and you will put your man in the mood. Another smell that is very attractive for men is the jasmine blended with gasoline roses .
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2.  A aromas that awaken all the male desire are citrus . The perfume of citrus fruits such as orange, lemon or grapefruit among others, intensely stimulates the sexual appetite of men.

Try a delicious orange juice or mix it with other fruits to create an aphrodisiac blend. Change any alcoholic beverage with natural citrus juices and you will greatly stimulate your partner’s sexual desire. If you prefer, you can also put candles in the house with these perfumes to create a very sensual atmosphere.

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3.  There is no doubt that one of the ultimate aphrodisiac remaining chocolate . We all know the power of cocoa as a stimulant, in fact, it is very common that its taste triggers many temptations. But in addition to being delicious, its smell is a great stimulant for libido. Chocolate releases endorphins , which cause a feeling of pleasure and well-being, so try an edible chocolate massage for your man to be excited, it will smell and it will be a great way to increase his desire.
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4.  There is a scent that subconsciously pleasing to many, it is the sweet smell of cookies and pastries from the oven . Its sense of smell will be triggered with the sweet scent of cooking, if your cakes are additionally accompanied with cinnamon, you can be sure that your man will fall at your feet. This spice has great power over male libido and stimulates erection.
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5.  Finally, among the smells that excite most men, do not forget that they are irresistibly attracted by the natural smell of the female body and even if she does not wear perfume.Another aroma which is very exciting for the male is the intimate scent of genitals and body parts such as the inner thighs, knees and arms. The sweat of a woman is a very good stimulant for men especially when they feel it in the neck, legs and underarms.

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